Even though they are soon to be rivals in the same late-night time slot, Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist fawning over David Letterman.

As well he should.

With Jimmy Kimmel Live taping in his hometown of Brooklyn this week, the comedian finally got to interview one of his idols as Dave agreed to be a guest on Wednesday night's Halloween edition. And the lovefest kicked off from there.

The 44-year-old Kimmel started out the segment by admitting he was a "little bit overwhelmed," comparing the 65-year-old Letterman's appearance on his late-night show to the time when Johnny Carson appeared on the latter's program.

"Well, when Johnny Carson was on my show, the big difference was Johnny Carson really was something and I'm not much of anything," a humbled Letterman replied. "That was the big difference."

The moment gave way to Kimmel doing a little hero worshipping of his own as he followed that up by showing Letterman pictures of his 18th birthday when he had a Late Night With David Letterman cake and the car he used to drive in high school that had "L8 Nite" as a license plate. 

"This is serious for me," deadpanned Kimmel. "This could make or break me tonight."

A smirking Letterman jokingly feigned concern in return.

"These are warning signs, Jimmy," he cracked.

But in all seriousness, speaking about his fellow gabber, Letterman was more than gracious.

"Jimmy…has been nothing but generous and courteous and kind to me my entire career…and I'll be honest with ya, at first it was troubling. I kept saying to people, 'Why is he sucking up to me? What's in it for him?'" wondered Letterman.

"And when I was persuaded there was some measure of stability here, then I really realized it was genuine, and I couldn't appreciate it more."

During the extended sit-down, the funnymen subsequently touched on Hurricane Sandy; taping his Late Show without an audience during the storm; Letterman's 9-year-old son, Harry; his love for fly fishing in Montana; and other subjects. 

Throughout, a starstruck Kimmel paid the gap-toothed comic a slew of compliments, even going so far as to ask Letterman to come live with him for a month.

"I kind of feel like that's what I'm doin' tonight," quipped Dave.

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