Nicki Minaj

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Celebrities need to knock it off.

First, Miley Cyrus dresses up as Nicki Minaj, and now, just to mess with our feeble minds, Minaj is dressing up like Lady Gaga. Next thing you know, Gaga's dressing like Jessica Simpson as a village lass from Highlander, and our brains just completely melt like warmed-over Velveeta dip.

In case you're wondering, we have no Earthly explanation for the funnel around Minaj's waist—unless it's flooding and she's trying to catch some of the rainwater. But we do dig the Lacroix-esque pouf skirt she's got going on. More of those, please.

But what do you think of Minaj's Gaga-like look: Gotta have it or make it stop?

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Do you love or hate Nicki's concert chic?
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