Despicable Me 2

Universal Pictures

In Despicable Me, Steve Carell's supervillain Gru underwent a change of heart after adopting three adorable orphans (and sure, learning that swiping a shrink ray in order to steal the moon would not bring him lasting happiness).

And the sequel promises a further move toward the light, though in this case the light appears to be coming from the tractor beam of some sort of alien ship. A pair of Gru's minions, the capsule-shaped cuties who spew gobbledygook and do his bidding, get sucked up by a mysterious beam, one that doesn't care for cats (but does like the theme to Halloween).

What does it mean? Well, we're betting that Gru is going to be the guy to take down the alien horde, though we're certainly curious what Al Pacino (!) and the returning Kristen Wiig will be doing to help him...and what that minion is doing in the French maid outfit.

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