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Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan's positive thinking hasn't put a stop to Hurricane Sandy.

With no signs of slowing down, life on the East Coast has virtually come to a halt as the superstorm picks up speed, and officials warn the Frankenstorm's impact could last for days.

But even though LiLo is a bit confused why everyone is in a state of panic, celebs continue to take to Twitter to share prayers, photos and pics as the weather war rages on.

After declaring a state of emergency for New York and the surrounding areas, President Barack Obama took to Twitter to thank the American people for staying strong: "President Obama on Hurricane Sandy: "The great thing about America is that during tough times like this, we pull together."

Ivanka Trump also shared an Instagram from the streets of NYC, posting a pic with the caption:"5th Ave & 57th street. #sandy #hurricane," she wrote about the rainy photo.

And Today's Al Roker gave us an inside look at the scary storm: "My camera guy Callan Griffiths took this of me along Point Pleasant Beach."

Singer Aaron Carter also shared his concern on the social media site: "Everybody who is affected by this hurricane don't be stupid and stay SAFE. #hurricanesandy," he warned his followers.

As did E! star Kelly Osbourne: "Really worried about all my friends on the east coast #HurricaneSandy looks like its getting worse been glued to the news all day!"

In addition, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to describe the scene in New York. "New York getting very dark and very gloomy, as wind and rain intensify. Worst still to come. #Sandy," he wrote.

Alyssa Milano also weighed in, tweeting a super rapid scan of the storm.

And Kathy Hilton shared her concern for everyone's safety: "My love and prayers to all those affected by hurricane #sandy, hope everyone is safe!" Mama Hilton wrote.

Celebs also had a little fun mocking the storm and its moniker. Rapper Bow Wow posted a hilarious Instagram pic of himself caught in the crazy weather with three of his friends, "We in the HURRICANE #Sandy #NYC," Bow Wow wrote.

And Jerry Seinfeld joined in on the fun: "Mayor Bloomberg going with zip up neck sweater to fight Sandy. Shows preparedness. Windy: zip it up Storm over: back down."

As did Girls star Lena Dunham: "My dad re: the hurricane: 'I have tons of cash and a salad'"

As well as Olivia Wilde: "Were there this many hurricanes before Twitter? #justsaying," the actress quipped.

Whoopi Goldberg shared words of wisdom: "Here's hoping we all make it thru the storm better people, friends, mothers fathers sisters & brothers& greatfull for days the days we have."

And Pamela Anderson reminded us to care for the animals: "EAST COAST: As Frankenstorm approaches, remember to care for your animal companions"

Stay safe and dry, East Coasters! We'll keep checking Twitter for more celebrity updates as the hurricane storms on.

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