If Hurricane Sandy's arrival (and the flooding and devestation that's already swallowed some of New York, New Jersey and other East Coast locals) makes you croon "San-dy, ­bay-by" as you try to recall the rest of the words to the Grease soundtrack, well, you're not alone. The storm, while causing havok and pain, is also inspiring pranksters and news junkies. 

Sandy Olsen (Olivia Newton-John), Sandy from SpongeBob SquarePants, and various Frankensteins of pop culture past have all been whipped out to properly document the storm...in memes. But the real silver lining of joy of this all comes courtesy of a bunch of shirtless dudes who ain't scared of no stinkin' storm.

Take, for one, the horse-headed man who apparently wanted to go for a light jog (or, uh, canter, we guess) during an NBC broadcast in Washington, D.C. In any other situation, this guy might be what nightmares are made of, but here, we salute you, horse-headed jogger dude!

Not enough shirtlessness for your liking?

How bout we up the ante with three, count them, three shirtless bros doing the best shirtless photobombing in Atlantic City, as can be seen in the above clip taken during CNN storm coverage. If only newscasters would catch on that the whole parka-in-the-blowing-wind thing is so passé—it's all about shirtless rain dancing now!

Of course, because we're in the midst of an election, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were dragged into the hurricane fray via two new hashtags, #RomneyStormTips and #ObamaStormTips. GOP tweeters get to take shots at President Obama, like, "Everyone keep calm and blame Bush," while Dems hit back with "Everyone in the path of the hurricane should head to their second or third home to safety."

Moving on...

Dr. Ruth, Twitter, Hurricane


To tweets that are actually funny! And all come courtesy of the lovable, world-renowned psychosexual therapist, Dr. Ruth.

"If ur single an event like Sandy could be a blessing but only if u work at making it one," she so-wisely explained in one tweet before getting far more risqué: "Weatherman saying this is slow moving hurricane so good time to try slow Tantric sex."

Hey, she said it, not us! But we endorse it—but only if it's with that awesome horse-headed man.

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