Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz

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Before we devolve into a monologue of Valleyspeak, we'll just say this: The last time we saw this style skirt was in the '80s and our sneakers were covered in safety pins decorated with colored beads, and "totally awesome" was the only phrase that mattered.

In fact, is it us, or does Nikki Reed look like she's dressed up for a Bat Mitzvah circa 1982?

OK, fine, Reed is actually touring around with co-star Kellan Lutz to remind everyone that the last Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn installment is due out in theaters soon. But we wouldn't be shocked if she disappeared into the bathroom right after this shot was taken—you know, to create a memory candle for the girl of the hour.

As for Lutz, he's looking no less '80s in that faded denim shirt—very Banana Republic, back when Banana Republic used to have life-sized stuffed jungle animals and safari jeeps on display in their stores.

Mazel tov to them both.

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