Damian Lewis, Homeland


Holy Homeland!

Last Sunday was the Showtime hit's highest rated episode to date, but we'll be shocked if tonight's episode "Q&A" doesn't rival it. Brody has found himself a prisoner again, only he's on U.S. soil and in the custody of the CIA.

So does Brody 'fess up? Let's get down to business!

First Attempt: Peter (Rupert Friend) heads in to interrogate to Brody (Damian Lewis) first. As expected, Brody denies that he's a terrorist or has any ties to Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban). So what's an agent to do? Oh, bust out Brody's videotaped confession and "let him stew." After watching the tape, Brody admits when he returned from Iraq he was intent on killing Walden (Jamey Sheridan), but insists he did not wear a suicide vest to actually kill him. "Ask yourself what really happened? Nothing," Brody says, with just the teensiest bit of a smirk. "No bomb went off. I killed no one. You've got nothing on me. No real evidence at all." Even threatening to show the video tape to Brody's family doesn't get him to crack.

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Peter is getting irritated so he decides to whip out a knife and stab Brody in the hand. Enter, Carrie (Claire Danes). Peter later admits losing his temper was on purpose to get Carrie in there. Who else is kind of liking Peter? Back to the good cop routine: Carrie shuts off all the interrogation cameras, takes off Brody's cuffs and just wants to talk to him. She reestablishes their personal connection. She brings up the cabin, what it's really like coming back from the war, her feelings for him, all in hopes of gaining his trust.

The Revelation: Carrie tries to show Brody that while Walden is a monster, Abu Nazir is equally as bad and has killed innocent people, too. This whole exchange is heartbreaking! Lewis perfectly conveys Brody's inner turmoil. He and Danes = best acting on TV. When Carrie and Brody hold hands and she assures him that he really is a good person, he finally admits what we've been waiting to hear for over a year:

Carrie: "What is Abu Nazir's plan?"
Brody: "I don't know."
Carrie: "But there is a plan, right? To attack America?"
Brody: "Yes."

Dana and Finn: Meanwhile, these two are so on! But to say they have the first date from hell is an understatement. During a joy ride to ditch the secret service, Finn hits a woman and drives away and Dana goes along with it.

Immunity: Brody names everyone in Nazir's network he has had contact with. Brody's options are simple: He can face a public trial with a long prison sentence or he can help the CIA. Carrie and her team send Brody back into the world as if nothing has happened and he agrees to help the CIA stop whatever attack Nazir is planning. Brody agrees. His cover with Nazir's people will be that he and Carrie have started an affair again.  

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