Walking Dead Recap: The Governor Enters the Picture in "Walk With Me"

It's time to meet one of the baddest baddies the comic book world has ever seen

By Leslie Gornstein Oct 29, 2012 2:00 AMTags
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Remember last week, when we complained about The Walking Dead's little lack-of-Michonne problem? Well, we withdraw our criticism, because this third episode of season three, "Walk With Me," is essentially the Michonne and Andrea Hour. And what an hour it is.

At long last, we get to see what the heck has happened to the two of them. Plus, some of our questions are finally answered about, among other things, Michonne's fondness for undead pets.

Icing on the cake? We get to meet the Governor (David Morrissey), one of the most deliciously evil comic book characters, like, ever. Will Michonne (Danai Gurira) cut off his arms and put him on a chain? Let's find out.


Michonne Is Awesome: We already know that Michonne is a badass, what with her zombie-slaughtering sword, uncanny ability to survive solo and penchant for rescuing those in need, such as Andrea (Laurie Holden). Now we're getting to know this mysterious character a bit better. We learn that those armless pet zombies have a purpose: Their scent keeps other undead at bay—a kind of camouflage against death-by-chomping. And there's also a chance that Michonne has an emotional attachment to them as well.

Michonne Does What It Takes: Remember that pesky helicopter that riled up every zombie south of the Mason-Dixon Line, sending a horde of undead straight toward Camp Dinner Bell? Well, in this episode, it crashes. As Michonne and Andrea observe from a safe distance, a band of mysterious men arrives to investigate. Among the strangers? Oh, hi, Merle (Michael Rooker), so, um, nice to see you. Fine prosthetic you've got there. Michonne realizes that her zombie pets are gonna give away her stealth position, so she beheads them. But Merle gets the jump on the women anyway and drags them off to...

Welcome to Woodbury? Woodbury! A small town whose peaceful streets and seemingly happy people appear to be a miracle in these zombie-choked days. The town is run by a man who goes simply by The Governor. He insists that the women are free to go. (But are they?) No! Really! They may leave at any time! (Or...can they?)

The Governor Is Not to Be Trusted: Yes, he and sidekick Milton (Dallas Roberts) are trying to solve the whole why-is-everybody-dying-twice problem, using a lab for research. And that's real admirable. But the Governor is also ruthless. He slaughters the stranded companions of the helicopter pilot, steals their supplies and then lies to Woodbury about how the men died. Oh, and also: He also happens to keep human heads in his living room as decor.

Is it too late to ask for free and fair elections?