Scary Kids Gallery Split

Jason, Jigsaw, heck even, crazy Jack Nicholson have never scared us as much as those adorably frightening children of the silver screen. Assembling this list of the creepiest young things made us realized just how many little devils are out there.

Don't believe us? Then why is just the sight of Linda Blair almost 40 years later still so terrifying? That girl from The Ring isn't just spooky because her hair is usually covering her face, ya know. And is that boy from Grudge 2 just too cute to kill?

Movies have taught us that ratio of cute to crazy is incredibly imbalanced.

Hollywood's top monsters: the silly, the scary and the sparkly

There's nothing quite like a child's itty-bitty voice to send us shivering. There are plenty of frightening films that don't disappoint with monsters that can barely hold a kitchen knife. We compiled a list of 13 of the best. Take a look through our gallery of creepy movie kids and tell us which film is your favorite. And don't think we didn't notice that Stephen King has four tykes on the list.

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