Pippa Middleton


Kids. They really do say the darndest things.

Pippa Middleton discovered just that while in the midst of her carpetbombing promotional blitz for Celebrate, her much-anticipated party planning book, when she was filmed crafting with some adorable children.

Adorably candid, that is, as proven by one little girl who either didn't know or didn't care enough to keep her opinions on royalty to herself.

While chatting with the small group about their interests, Kate Middleton's little sister joined in solidarity with one of the not-so-girly-girls in attendance, revealing that she, too, was a tomboy as a child.

However, she told the 5-year-old, "I bet when you're 10, you'll love pink and you'll love princesses."

Clearly sensing her moment, another adorable little girl interjected with the following perfectly timed bon mot:"I hate princesses."

Laughing off the familial diss, Pippa replied, "Oh, I don't know about that one."

Oh, we do: hating on princesses is fine. Everyone knows duchesses are where it's at these days.

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