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Is it hot in here, or is it just every doctor at Seattle Grace (and Minnesota, where Cristina is hiding out)?

Yep, get ready for one steamy Grey's Anatomy, because tonight was all about old and new "sex friends."

Let's recap "I Saw Her Standing There" right now:

Lights, Scalpel, Action: The episode opens and we see Meredith and Derek going at it (normal), then it cuts to Cristina being, ahem, occupied as well. Sorry y'all, wipe those tears from your eyes, Cristina and Owen fans, because they aren't having a Minnesota booty call. We find Yang hooking up with Dr. Parker (Desperate Housewives' Steven Culp), but she tells Meredith there are no feelings there. Meanwhile, April and Jackson Avery have gotten over their first time hump—so to speak—while Avery's mom, Catherine, is all about the Chief. Catch all that?

High School Flirting: Jackson is in the dark about his mom and the Chief, and Catherine doesn't want to raise suspicions. There is a huge plastic surgery, but they are nervous to invite Jackson in, so they cover their tracks by having April scrub in. Jackson learns about his mom and the Chief and asks for a man-to-man with Dr. Webber where he sorta, not really, gives his blessing.

Leg Up: Arizona comes into the hospital to get fit for her new leg, but doesn't want anyone to know she is there. She is still taking all of her frustration out on Callie. It's just breaking our hearts! Arizona is so bitter and angry she even isolates her doctor. Alex actually comes in and reminds her that Callie is trying too. Then finally, finally, we see Arizona smile for the first time this season. It looks like there is some hope here.

Cristina's Ally: Turns out Dr. Parker is using Cristina to spy on Dr. Thomas. The hospital wants Parker out because they think he is one malpractice suit waiting to happen due to his age. Cristina cares enough to try to help Dr. Thomas, and honestly, it's just heart-warming. Meanwhile, Owen moves into Derek's trailer completely alone.

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Teacher's Pet: Derek is still teaching and not performing any surgeries, so Meredith doesn't want to rub in his face that she is going to operate on a major tumor. Of course, he finds out from the interns. Derek realizes he scares easily and understands why Meredith wouldn't be eager to share her exciting news. He tells her he has a contact high and is so supportive. It only took about seven seasons, but finally these two are rock solid!

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