Married to Jonas, screengrabs

Even though episode 10 of season one is technically the season finale of Married to Jonas, let's not think of this as the end. Instead, this is just the beginning of our countdown to next season. (Right?!)

The last time we checked in, Kevin Jonas decided to stay in Italy to spend some quality time with wifey Danielle Jonas and the Deleasa family.

This week, the couple is back in the States and, while Kevin is a bundle of musically-inclined nerves prepping for the Jonas Brothers' big show, Dani is trying to keep her cool as she plans for a big family dinner. Let's take a look at how that all went down, shall we?


Paper Napkins Are OK: Even though Dani got flak from her mother-in-law for using them in the past, this time around her confidence has risen and so, she continues on with the trend. We can't be sure if it was all that disposable ware, but Denise Jonas confesses that she has always been impressed by Dani and feels lucky to have her as a daughter-in-law. (It must have been the paper napkins, right?)

Pre-Show Rituals: We got a VIP pass backstage before the JoBros concert and got to see all of the little pieces that fit into the pre-show puzzle. (Think massages before the show, nervous clenching of fists, wardrobe consultation, pushups and prayer.)

JoBros Are Back: It's official, fans—the Radio City Music Hall performance in New York kicked off the band's start to their new album. It also gave us a peek into some of their new tunes, including the dance beat "Let's Go." Seems that in spite of their hiatus, things are bigger and better than ever. (So, please don't ever go on break again. OK, guys?)


"Is it weird that we're playing ping-pong in the room that 'We Are the World' was recorded?"—Kevin

"Do you think that we're going to get in trouble if we use paper napkins?"—Danielle

"I'll be 95 years old and still be waiting for Dani to get ready."—Kevin

"You impressed me the very moment I met you."—Denise Jonas

"When I see Kevin onstage, he's smiling and I know he's the happiest person—this is him."—Danielle

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