Halloween TV Episodes


Happy Halloween, TV fans! Is there anything better than your favorite shows honoring this spooky time of year with crazy costumes? And with the budget of a television studio behind it, characters can really go all out.

Of course, sometimes that means going all out to make costumes look thrown together haphazardly. Either way, we are always anxious to see TV shows take on Halloween, so we deemed it appropriate to pick 10 of our all-time favorites.

Scroll on through, and then add your picks in the comments:

The Office Halloween


1. Gabe as Lady Gaga on The Office: Gabe (Zach Woods) was such a nerd and seemingly so straight-laced (until we decided he might be the Scranton Strangler), that seeing him in full-blown Gaga made us do a triple-take. And his runway walk to show off his costume? We were done.

One Tree Hill Halloween


2. Peyton as the Angel of Death on One Tree Hill: Leave it to Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) to turn her angel costume into something dark and brooding. But it became less funny and more tortured when Peyton's subconscious talked to her in the form of that very costume while her birth mother was sick with breast cancer.

Full House Halloween


3. Joey, Jesse, and Danny as the Three Stooges on Full House: It only works if you can do a convincing Stooges routine, which they totally pulled off.

Modern Family Halloween


4. Hayley as Hot Mother Teresa on Modern Family: This was such an accurate jab at the way girls can take any animal, historical figure (or anything in existence, really) and make them sexy. But it's OK, because she's Mother Teresa! Funny, we don't remember the great Mother Teresa in something that she looked poured into.

That 70s Show Halloween


5. Fez as Dr. Frank-N-Furter on That '70s Show: It's Wilmer Valderrama in drag…what more do you want?

The Office Halloween


6. Ross as "Spudnik", Chandler as the Easter Bunny and Joey as Chandler on Friends: We tried to pick our favorite costume among these three, but it's an impossible feat. Ross (David Schwimmer) had space doody issues, Chandler (Matthew Perry) hated the costume his wife picked out ("always no bunny at all!") and Joey's (Matt LeBlanc) Chandler impression was dead on.

Chuck Halloween


7. Captain Awesome and Ellie as Adam and Eve on Chuck: We appreciate any excuse to see Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) without a shirt on. The end.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Josh Radnor, Katie Holmes

Monty Brinton/CBS

8. Ted as a Hanging Chad on How I Met Your Mother: It was only topical one year, but Ted (Josh Radnor) wore that damn costume every Halloween in hopes of running into the infamous Slutty Pumpkin, who turned out to be Katie Holmes. Confused? If you don't watch HIMYM, then this will take too much time to explain, so just move along. But Netflix it, because it's a great show.


Justin Lubin/NBC

9. Chang as a Figure Skater on Community: Don't you dare say he's Michelle Kwan. Or Kristi Yamaguchi. Chang (Ken Jeong) was dressed as Peggy Flemming, thankyouverymuch.

Roseanne Halloween


10. D.J. as Hannibal Lecter and Darlene as Tippi Hedren on Roseanne: The moment D.J. was wheeled into the living room was the moment we knew it would be hard to top this TV Halloween moment, making it an obvious addition to our list.

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