Breaking Amish


Forget Breaking Bad, we want to talk about Breaking Amish.

TLC's hit series that chronicles the lives of four young Amish men and women and one Mennonite as they venture out of their communities to tackle New York City has only a few episodes left, but the drama won't stop there. Now they'll have a chance to confront each other about what happened in the Big Apple.

TLC will air a two-part reunion special, airing Sunday, Nov. 11, directly following the finale episode, and Sunday, Nov.18.

During the reunion, hosted by NBC's Michelle Beadle, Jeremiah, Kate, Abe, Rebecca, and Sabrina will discuss their time in NYC, as well as address rumors and speculations that came to light during the season. The allegation that Breaking Amish is fake will no doubt be brought up during the sit down.

Want to know what a Breaking Amish reunion looks like? Watch an exclusive clip below!

Did you know these shows existed?

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