Katy Perry Performs at President Barack Obama Rally, Has "Best Birthday Ever"

Pop star has "a great night" and wears voting-ballot dress at Las Vegas event

By Rebecca Macatee Oct 25, 2012 2:58 PMTags
Katy PerryJohn Gurzinski/Getty Images

We know which box Katy Perry plans to check on Election Day.

Wearing a white dress printed like a voting ballot Wednesday at a Las Vegas campaign rally for President Barack Obama, the pop star's fashion made her presidential pick clear.

And Thursday, K.P. celebrates her birthday! "So tonight was a great night!," she tweeted very early this morning. "The PRESIDENT gave grandma and I unforgettable shout outs & now I am officially 28! Best. birthday. ever."

But if you want to give Katy something special for her birthday, don't buy her a gift. In lieu of presents, she's asking fans and friends to donate to the David Lynch Foundation, which seeks to bring "Transcendental Meditation to millions of adults and children all over the world who suffer from post-traumatic stress."

Very thoughtful. Happy birthday, Katy!