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It's Heidi Klum's favorite time of year.

The supermodel is known for her extremely elaborate and thought-out Halloween costumes, and this time around won't be any different, except for one minor detail—we get to see the whole creation process!

Each year brings the question of how the Project Runway host will outdo her previous getups, so for this Halloween, she's going big

Klum decided to go with Cleopatra as her costume, complete with a gigantic headdress, a Swarovski crystal mask and a whole lot of gold (like, a lot). 

The video starts with her first meeting with costume designer Martin Izquierdo, and when he asks what direction she wants to go in, all she can say is, "Big! Gold! Glittery. A lot. And if you think a lot, I want a lot more."

Watch the clip to see how it (almost) all comes together!

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