Andrew Lincoln, Robert Iron Singleton, Nick Gomez, Lew Temple, Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead


With a new episode of The Walking Dead coming right up on Sunday, you've gotta be starved for spoilers by now! Sure, Hershel's gonna live (yay!) and Big Tiny didn't make it (wah!), but if you think the drama's dialing down with episode three, oh boy, are you wrong.

We've seen the next installment, and we're ready to drop some serious teasers on what to expect. Here's a taste:

That mean chopper gets what's coming to it: Remember that helicopter that sent every zombie in Georgia headed straight for Camp Dinner Bell? Yeah. Karma is a bitch, and we get to see an unfortunate fate for that troublesome whirlybird.

Girl power! Again! Remember our complaint about the absence of Michonne in the last episode? Well, this next one belongs to her and Andrea. Now if only Andrea can get some Nyquil so that she can heal up and celebrate properly...

Or maybe she should've played dead: Fans of the comic will be thrilled to know that this episode marks the debut of the one of the franchise's most deliciously evil characters: the Governor. Andrea and Michonne get to meet him, too. Only time will tell if that's a good thing.

Good golly, ain't that...? An unpleasant character makes his return in this episode as well, and the event sends one series regular into a dead faint. And speaking of unpleasant, we also learn something else: Exactly why Michonne keeps her two unique pets. The reason is more complex than you may think.

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