Mena Survari, Katy Perry, Amanda Seyfried

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You loved it, so we're bringin' it back: It's a brand new edition of Halloween or Real Life!

Are you ready to guess at whether Mena Suvari, Katy Perry and Amanda Seyfried are dressed for tricks and treats, or totally not? Let's get started.

First there's Perry, who's taking us back to our childhoods with that Power Rangers suit. Hold on while we build a tent out of our bedspread and pour another bowl of Captain Crunch.

OK, we're good, onward. Then there's Mena Suvari dressed up as Miley Cyrus in New York City. Clever. And finally, we have Amanda Seyfried, who's disguised as a skeleton designed by Madonna. Very outre.

So which, if any, of these three actually is dressed for Halloween?

Tricked you again! The answer is none. Perry is on set for a Popchips advert. Suvari joined stars like Kanye West over at the Maison Martin Margiela event at H&M. And Seyfried? Some things even we cannot explain.

Come on. Don't be mad. Candy corn for everyone.

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