She's a mysterious yet beautiful blonde who is running from a dark past. He's a ridiculously handsome widower with two kids and owns a store in a small town. 

Everything about Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel's new flick Safe Haven reads as a typical romance movie, but regardless of how many tearjerkers we've watched, this one still seems too appealing to ignore. 

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In true Nicholas Sparks fashion, the film features a complicated love story.

Katie Feldman (Hough) initially hesitates to open up to Alex Wheatley (Duhamel) until they spend time together during a cute mini date (in this case, canoeing) which ultimately leads to a steamy makeout session up against a tree.

But just when you think it's all rainbows and butterflies, trouble emerges as Feldman's past catches up to her present. What are these skeletons in her closet? Unfortunately, this is one of those you-have-to-watch-the-movie-to-know situations.

Safe Haven comes out in theaters Feb. 8, 2013. 

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