Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert


Leah Messer Calvert sure loves being a mommy!

The Teen Mom 2 star announced today that she is expecting her third child this winter, which will be her second pregnancy with new hubby Jeremy Calvert (Leah reportedly suffered a miscarriage with the couple's first pregnancy in January).

"Just wanted to let everyone know that Leah IS pregnant & that she and Jeremy & the rest of their families including Ali & Aleeah are very excited :)," Messer's official Facebook page read. "Thanks in advance for all your words of encouragement!"

Meanwhile, Leah tweeted, "THANKS SOOO MUCH EVERYONE! #PositiveTweets makes this momma soooo happy!!! @Calvert505 are in such a good place! ☺ Love all of you!"

Their bundle of joy (or joys, because clearly twins run in the family) will join 2-year-old Ali and Aleeah.

You can catch all the action with Leah and the other Teen Mom 2 stars when the show premieres on Nov. 12. 

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