Pick a new Halloween costume, because you can't be PSY anymore. We know you already bought the glasses and powder blue blazer but the thing is: This house already did it and did it better than you ever could.

Every All Hollow's Eve brings with it a new light show synchronized to whatever flavor-of-the-minute song is deemed viral-worthy. So, if you have ears and an Internet connection, you're surely not surprised that Edwards Landing Lights set their showcase to PSY's "Gangnam Style" this year.

So that's a viral video based off a viral video—and still humanity has yet to crumble? Interesting. But in all seriousness: How much is this dude's electric bill? You know what, we don't care! It's totally worth it!

And there's more! The Leesburg, Va., home showcases a 13-song setlist that also includes Marilyn Manson's version of "This Is Halloween."

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