Superman, Clark Kent

DC Comics

If you ask Superman, the print business might as well be Kryptonite.

In DC Comics' new issue of Superman, the Man of Steel's bespectacled alter ego, Clark Kent, isn't happy with his day job anymore as a mild-mannered reporter, so much so that he actually ends up quitting The Daily Planet, the Metropolis newspaper where he's made his home since the character's creation in 1938.

Editor-in-Chief Perry White's not going to be thrilled about this.

Per USA Today, in Superman issue 13, Superman's been so busy saving the world that his other persona has neglected his journalism duties to the point where White begins getting on Kent's case for failing to generate scoops.

That prompts Clark to pull a Jerry Maguire and launch into a rant in front of his fellow staffers about how the state of journalism has devolved into entertainment and how the paper's toeing the bottom line for its major conglomerate owner, Galaxy Broadcasting.

So will Kent start his own blog? Or are we going to see the Clark Report?

"Rather than Clark be this clownish suit that Superman puts on, we're going to really see Clark come into his own in the next few years as far as being a guy who takes to the Internet and to the airwaves and starts speaking an unvarnished truth," the issue's writer, Scott Lobdell, told the paper.

Also of note in the new edition, Superman is going to face a new foe named H'el who begins to emerge as part of an upcoming "H'el on Earth" storyline. The baddie, like General Zod before him, managed to survive the destruction of Superman's home planet of Krypton and, as Lobdell puts it, will be "a pretty horribly tragic character" who looks down at Superman as an "embarrassment" for mingling among the earthlings.

As we know, DC has been taking a lot of liberty with the classic superhero lately, like having him strike up a romance with Wonder Woman in the Justice League comic.

And then, of course, it looks like moviegoers will be getting an updated origin story by the looks of the new trailer for Man of Steel. That Superman reboot, directed by Zack Snyder, is due out next summer.

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