Police Drop Olmos Sex Probe

Ex-Miami Vice cop reaches settlement with accuser

By Marcus Errico Dec 11, 1997 8:00 PMTags
Edward James Olmos' latest sex scandal appears to be over.

Police in South Carolina have ended their probe of a sexual assault allegation against the Emmy-winning actor Wednesday after his 38-year-old accuser dropped the charge.

Apparently, Olmos' reps and the unidentified woman reached a settlement in the case--something the ex-Miami Vice star previously said he wouldn't do. The woman, who claimed Olmos, 50, assaulted her in a motel room folling his lecture at a nearby college (the topic: date rape), was described by the actor's attorney as a stalker-type looking to collect money. (Olmos, filming a movie in Toronto, has denied the allegations through his attorney.)

In any event, the two sides released a joint statement calling the October 19 incident at the Rock Hill Howard Johnson's Lodge "a misunderstanding between two adults."

The case couldn't close soon enough for Olmos--who has seen his social crusader image battered in bitter battles with Harvey Keitel in recent years.

Olmos is already prevented, per a court restraining order, from being in the same room with Stella Keitel--The Bad Lieutenant's teenage daughter by Olmos' wife Lorraine Bracco--unless another adult is present. Keitel has repeatedly accused Olmos of molesting Stella. Bracco has sole custody of the girl.

Olmos had even blamed Keitel for the latest allegations. Olmos' lawyer says Keitel sent a P.I. to South Carolina to pressure police there to investigate the woman's complaint.

Keitel admits to hiring the detective, but says Olmos' problems are his own. Keitel points to a 1992 incident--in which Olmos paid $150,000 to the family of the Florida teen he was accused of sexually abusing--as proof of Olmos' deviant ways. However, Olmos denies that charge as well, saying he cut the check to protect his son whom he claims was the real target of the complaint. No criminal charges were filed in that case.