Lindsay Lohan Family Drama: Why She Isn't Headed Into Britney Spears Territory

The troubled actress is not in a happy place, but, experts argue, so what?

By Leslie Gornstein Oct 23, 2012 12:26 AMTags
Lindsay Lohan AKM-GSI

With all this Lindsay Lohan family drama, gotta wonder: Is she going to face a Britney Spears-style conservatorship?
—Flute Player, Wisconsin, via Facebook

Lindsay's ever-charming father, Michael Lohan, has indicated that he wants to establish a conservatorship that would affect Lindsay's life in the same way that Britney Spears's father and fiance have essentially taken over hers.

And I wish him good luck with that. Because, according to people who would know, Michael's bid isn't likely to stick.

Look, a personal conservatorship, if that is indeed what Michael wants, is not an easy thing to get, attorneys tell me.

"It takes a lot," says Bryan Sullivan, partner at Early Sullivan. "You have to show that someone is incapable of taking care of their own affairs and creates a risk for themselves and or others."

And while Lindsay may not have the best reputation at the moment, her situation is still a far cry from where Spears was in 2008. We're talking head-shaving and involuntary psychiatric holds (Spears), versus public family squabblesnon-hit-and-run accidents, and nebulous shenanigans on and off set (Lohan).

Even if Lindsay were abusing alcohol or other substances—as Michael has alleged—that alone couldn't persuade a judge to hand over the keys to Lilo's life.

"Otherwise," notes A-list attorney Irwin Feinberg, "what you would have is every single addict as a potential conservatee."

Sullivan agreed that she would be surprised to find a conservatorship (if sought) actually granted: "Lindsay is still is functioning, whereas Britney was having massive mental breakdowns."

Still, some experts wonder whether it's only a matter of time before Lohan ends up in the same boat as the onetime pop superstar.

"Essentially, you have to show that she is unable to care for herself and unable to make medical and financial decisions regarding her life," family attorney Lisa Helfend Meyer tells E! News.

—Additional reporting by Baker Machado