Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Megan Fox

New Line Cinema; MGM; 20th Century Fox

Every great filmmaker knows that the perfect recipe for great a horror flick involves striking the delicate balance between seriously scary and seriously sexy. 

Let's face it—the suspense is intensified when the potential victim is a total hottie!

Don't believe us? How about a show of hands for anyone who would have sat through the other 84 minutes of The Amityville Horror if Ryan Reynolds' character had been offed in the opening scene?!

How about Jennifer's Body minus Megan Fox? Didn't think so.

The point is, we love seeing hot people in horrifying situations. Don't judge—it is what it is, people!

Fortunately, there are plenty of frightening films that don't disappoint in the sexy department and we've taken the liberty of compiling 33 of the best.

Take a look through our gallery of scary movie sexiness and tell us which film is your favorite. 

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