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Yet again, Lindsay Lohan's dysfunctional family drama is playing out in public and we have a front-row view.

Daddy dearest Michael Lohan tells E! News that his  failed intervention last week was not his doing alone. He was working in tandem with key members of his daughter's team to try to save her from what he feared was a relapse. He also says it would have been the first step in getting his daugther under a conservatorship, similar to how Britney Spears' family took control of her life following the pop singer's infamous implosion in 2008.

Michael says it was "totally true" that he was operating with the blessing of Lindsay's manager, Evan Hainey, her defense lawyer, Shawn Holley, and her entertainment lawyer, Dave Feldman. He pointed to a series of emails with the group  between Sept. 23 and Oct. 18

While none of the above would comment on the intervention or fears about her current state of mind, an inside source does confirm Michael's account that "a couple months ago he began emailing everyone on Lindsay's team asking them to join him in his effort to get a conservatorship over Lindsay."

According to mutiple sources, Michael's master plan would have Lindsay's own handlers take over her assets and business-making decisions. Michael tells E! News that, unlike Jamie Spears, he did not want to be named a coexecutor to avoid any criticism from his ex-wife or others that he was trying to make a buck off his daughter.

"Read the emails," he tells us. "I did it because [ex-wife] Dina lied and said I did it for press on my own...Now she is using my other kids against me by telling them what to say! I will prove those lies, too."

That doesn't mean it's sitting well with the rest of his estranged family.

Lindsay has suggested getting a restraining order against her father. Her publicist Steve Honig says in a statement, "It's apparent Michael continues to be very focused on getting publicity for himself. Lindsay's team is in no way aligned with him or his actions."

As Michael noted, Dina issued a statement claiming he was simply "making a name for himself in the news once again," while Lindsay's siblings issued a statement over the weekend decrying their dad.

"Take this as your other daughter 's plea to an absent father," says Ali Lohan in the release. "I have always tried to stay out of the press because it hurts me to see how you malign my mother. But in this instance, I am breaking my silence. Please stop waging your own personal war against my family. We don't need you to intervene because we can take care of ourselves without you, as we have been all these years."

Lindsay's brother Mike says, "I think it's unfortunate that the public had to be unwittingly invited into the lives of my family members due to my father's lies. That being said, I think everyone can understand and see why my sisters, brother, mother and I do not associate with him anymore," while sister Dakota adds, "I have no good memories of my so-called father. He has never been part of my life, he needs to leave my family alone."

Sounds like this is going to go well.

—Reporting by Katie Rhames and Claudia Rosenbaum

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