The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun


We don't know how we feel about our friends at The Walking Dead living in a prison. It's certainly not as folksy as Camp Dinner Bell or as sunny as That Highway by the Woods Where They Stayed for Way to Friggin' Long. But at least Rick Grimes & Co.—or what's left of them—are safe. For now. Minus one foot.

So what's coming next, other than a very curious science experiment by Carol and some zombie-clobbering moments for everyone else?

We've got the scoop from Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on the series. And he's spillin' the guts dish. In a fresh new interview about rotten zombies and the people who kill them, the actor promises plenty of surprises, plus some of the character development that keeps TWD audiences coming back for more.

"The show is about the human condition, what happens when that's stripped away," he says. "The first episode was a punch in the face, and [the second episode] might let you recover from that.

"There was a feeling of being unsure, at least with Glenn, on whether Rick could actually lead at the end of the second season. He definitely questions his authority, but...he is our clear-cut leader."

We'll also get to see a little more of that hot Maggie/Glenn relaysh, which, as fans know, goes in a very memorable direction in the comics. Will that same trajectory unfold on the small screen?

"They love each other." Yeun says. "That's the bond that perserveres throughout the whole thing."

We can't wait to see it all unfold tonight.

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