Did the Muscles from Brussels muscle the wrong person--namely, his wife?

That's one of the accusations from divorce papers filed in Los Angeles court last week against matrimony-challenged movie action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Darcy LaPier--Mrs. Van Damme No. 4--charges, in court documents, that the 35-year-old star of Bloodsport is an emotionally erratic cocaine addict who regularly beat her--once battering her so badly she required hospital treatment. (No word or comment yet from the actor's camp.)

"I am presently too afraid to stay with Jean-Claude. His physical and mental abuse and his drug abuse are at a dangerous level," LaPier, 30, said, in the divorce filing.

LaPier is seeking a restraining order against Van Damme, who underwent treatment for substance abuse last year. She has also asked the court to award her custody of their 2-year-old son, plus $150,000 a month in child support and about $300,000 in legal fees.

As dire as all this sounds, keep in mind that LaPier is something of a regular at divorce court. She paid her first visit there in November 1994--mere months after the former Hawaiian Tropic beauty contest winner wed the famed karate-champ-turned-thespian. LaPier filed for divorce--again--in 1996.

Both times, the happy couple managed to patch things up and put the D-word on the back burner. Not that things didn't get acrimonious or dicey. In court papers last year, Van Damme intimated that LaPier two-timed him, referring to himself as the "alleged father" of son Nicholas.

Now it's LaPier's turn to do the dissing. In the latest court papers, she says the Universal Soldier has threatened to shoot one of her lawyers and spirit their son out of the United States.

LaPier also dwells on Van Damme's so-called "lavish lifestyle"--detailing, among other things, a $7,000 dinner for three he sprung for once in Hong Kong.

Van Damme and LaPier wed in February 1994.

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