Snooki has been nice enough to share numerous photos of her little bambino on the Internet, but tonight was a special treat.

During the first episode of Jersey Shore: After Hours for the final season, Snooks shared a clip of baby Lorenzo with fans, and let us just warn you, if you thought he was cute before, he's even cuter now.

"I'm just really happy that Lorenzo's here and I'm just happy," a tearful Snooki said in the footage. "I've always wanted a kid and he's here and he's healthy and beautiful and I love him. He's perfect." Kleenex, please!

She also shared that Lorenzo is one gassy baby, but she doesn't mind, "He's so cool."

So what was giving birth like for the little meatball? "It was like taking a big-ass s--t," Snooki said. 

Classic answer.

Seriously though, how adorable is Lorenzo?! Sound off in the comments!

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