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This week on Married to Jonas, Kevin Jonas comes to a fork in the road, and he chooses the road less traveled.

OK, we stole that from Robert Frost, but it's totally accurate! Because instead of going for the glory of singing contest fame back in L.A. that he was presented with last week, Kevin decides to stay with his wifey, Danielle Jonas, and their family in Italy. Now that's what we call standing by your lady! (Too many poetic references? OK, we'll stop now.)


Kevin Induces Tears: Luckily, it's just with his fans, who are so overcome with joy when they meet the Jonas Brothers star that they have a tendency to get a little...emotional. But, on the plus side, they usually come bearing gifts, like the drawing Kevin and Dani were given!

Someone Is a Risk Taker: After each member of the family dips a toe into the grape stomping bucket, it's only Kevin who's willing to take a sip of the finished product. That's a brave man.

Kevin's Not a Mind Reader: That's what he tells Dani when she lets him know that she wants to improve their couple communication. It's also the same advice she receives from big sissy Dina Deleasa. Luckily, though, the wifey is more than happy to work on being more open about how she feels.


"People don't get that it takes a lot to keep a marriage when you're with a celebrity, because they're constantly on the move…you can lose a marriage over that."—Dani

"The drawing was very sweet, but I hope that does not look like us."—Dani

"The grapes felt like eyeballs, like how you would think eyeballs would feel when you're crushing them. It was slightly gross, but Lucy did it."—Dani

"This is beyond beautiful, it's definitely just something you see in like, paintings and stuff."—Dina

"Dani is always the No. 1 priority, more than anything else, I care about her."—Kevin

"I have no problem at all, my biggest problem is you people."—Bucky

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