Jersey Shore, Season 5 Cast

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We're going to start this recap with a correction: JWoww did not punch Roger in the face after he threw her down at the club, she threw a drink in his face. 

With that out of the way, the Jersey Shore crew started to head home after the blowout brawl at Bamboo, and both Jenni and Roger were heated up, but she tried to soften things up by saying she understood he didn't realize it was her when he got physical. What does he say to that? "I recognized you the entire time."

Oh, not good.

Like a good friend, Snooki took Jenni to the doctor to get her foot checked out, since there was pain from the fall. Unfortunately, JWoww had a fracture and needed to see a bone specialist to decide whether or not she'd need a cast or boot. Hey, she can still rock it out at the club—two words: sympathy drinks

(Another fun fact that we learned while they were at the doctor's was Snooks height. Take a guess. Nope, she's 4' 8".)

The guys of the house thought JWoww was milking her injury and just being overdramatic, because that's what she does, so it's a good thing she got a doctor's note to prove it.

Regardless, a chipped bone wasn't going to keep Jenni away from Karma, so she joined everyone else (even Snooki and Uncle Nino!) for a night out. It seemed to be a good night for the gang.

Well, except Mike started getting annoyed by drunk people. When you're at a bar, what do you expect? It happens. But it's all good, his "ride or die chick" Paula came by the house at 5 a.m. to calm him down. Not only that, she sent him an Edible Arrangement! True love, people. There was only one thing left for Sitch to do.

Meanwhile, Deena continued to hold meatball auditions but no one was able to hang with her drunken boardwalk shenanigans during the day, so she started crying because she missed Snooks. Understandable. 

Ronnie and Sammi ran into the meatball getting wasted, dancing with a stranger at a bar and falling over. Then the police handcuffed Deena and arrested her for dancing in the streets and blocking traffic. 

Off to jail she went.

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