Jaime King

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Hosting friends at home is a simple pleasure that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Self-confessed homebody Jaime King ("I will jet set across the country or the world for a fashion show, but other than that, I'm always at home!" she admits,) is a wiz at welcoming guests to her abode, so we knew she'd have some helpful pointers to share.  

Here are her three rules for pulling off a successful soiree without stepping foot outside of her front door:

1. Mix well: Invite an group of interesting people, with an eye toward sparking good conversation. "They don't even necessarily need to know each other," she tells us. "Sometimes it's better that they don't!" 

2. Stock up on marshmallows: Seriously, she says, "Make s'mores around a fire for a fun activity."

3. Get in the game: "Stock your living room with a lot of good board games to play!" This one sounds like a no-brainer, but not everybody has a ready supply on-hand. Maybe time to hit the toy store? 

And there you have it! Send out those invites and put these smart entertaining tips into action.

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