Sexy Big Bird

Poor Big Bird.

First the Sesame Street icon becomes a political piñata during election season. Now some enterprising entrepreneurs are putting out a sexy Big Bird costume that doesn't bare much liking to the loveable eight-foot-tall Muppet, let alone keeping with his kid-friendly image.

Which is why Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit which produces Sesame Street, is crying fowl foul and siccing its lawyers on a variety of Halloween online sellers to ensure the scantily clad getup is given, um, the ax.

"The costumes are not licensed or authorized by Sesame Workshop. We are working with our legal team to have the costumes removed from the market," Sesame Workshop said in a statement.

Specifically, the Sesame folks are targeting websites—like—that are selling a racy version of Big Bird that comes with a yellow cuddle plush mini dress and orange-striped thigh-high stockings with attacked bird feet (the bird headpiece is sold separately).

Sesame Workshop does have an authorized line of Big Bird outfits, which are more demure, that's licensed to costume manufacturer Disguise. Those costumes are fine.

A rep for was unavailable for comment.

But what's next? A lingerie version of Elmo?

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