Bristol Palin, Jimmy Kimmel

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, ABC/Mitch Haddad

If birthday girl Bristol Palin was hoping for a sincere apology, well, she definitely came to the wrong place.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday after getting eliminated from Dancing With the Stars: All Stars, the subject of her mom, Sarah Palin, immediately came up.

"I appreciate you coming, because I made probably one or two jokes about your mother over the years," Kimmel said.

"Yes, I'm here for my apology," Palin replied.

"I'm sorry," Kimmel said with a laugh.

After Bristol noted he was not actually sorry, Kimmel admitted, "I'm not sorry, you're right, but I will allow you to make 48,000 jokes about my mother just to make us even."

"I don't know your mom," Palin remarked.

"If you knew her, you would make fun of her, that I can promise you," Kimmel pointed out.

Well, seeing how she's no longer dancing, Palin certainly has time now to pen a few puns.

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