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Here comes the bride...maybe?!

That is the question on every Gossip Girl fan's mind after spoilery photos were leaked from the set as the cast and crew films the CW sudser's series finale. So will a wedding really be going down on the Upper East Side, or did the show set up the paparazzi? 

We've got that, plus juicy scoop on Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story, Grimm, Hart of Dixie and more in today's Spoiler Chat.

Melissa: Hearing there might be a wedding or two in the series finale of Gossip Girl! What can you tell us?
Well, we can say that if there is indeed a wedding in finale, it looks to be some kind of unexpected twist. In the first eight episodes, no one looks even remotely close to marriage. 

Taryn: The American Horror Story premiere was bananas! Tell me everything that happens in the second episode!
Sure! OK, in the first scene...wait, a minute! You can't trick us. We will however, provide some mild spoilers. In the second episode of Asylum, someone we've already met will meet a grusome end, and we'll get a flashback to Sister Jude's past and see exactly what happened to her that made her the way she is today. Or, to be more clear, we'll see exactly what happened to somebody else at her hands.

Sooriclover: Anything on the most adorable couple ever: Zoe-Wade from Hart of Dixie?
Wade and Zoe fans, meet your new enemy: Meatball, a Jack Black-type who is friend of Wade's and used to be in his band. Why won't you like him? Well, it seems like he picks on Wade for choosing to hang with Zoe (orange-picking to be precise, which is a very couple-y activity to do, no?) over hanging with the guys. Here's hoping Wade rises above his bud's snickering!

Pretty Little Liars

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Noelle: Any Pretty Little Liars scoop that's not about the Halloween special?
After the Halloween episode, which will reveal the death of one Rosewood local, Ashley Benson teases, "[The] second half of the season is just finding out who the A Team is, and we don't know who to trust. We don't even trust each other anymore, because we find out that Toby is working for ‘A.' It's just crazy! We don't know who's on our side, who's not. We're kind of all in danger now, because I'm like, ‘Oh my god! Is Caleb…?!' We don't know what the closest ones to us, what they're doing or what their agenda is." 

Lena: Nashville news, if you got it!
Someone else may be after Deacon besides Juliette! Later on in the season, we'll meet a mega-successful Jon Bon Jovi-esque rocker who is looking for a new guitar player to join his band. That Deacon will be fighting admirers off with a guitar pick!

Caleb in Houston: Keep the Parks and Rec scoop coming!
Lucky you, we just watched the Halloween episode and it is definitely a can't-miss for Parks and Rec fans. First of all, Leslie will be busy making plans to move in with Ben when he returns from Washington. But she hits a snag when Ben is propositioned with a job opportunity that'll take him a little bit outside Pawnee. OK, a lot outside. Also struggling with his coupledom is Ron Swanson, who is having trouble dealing with his Diane's two daughters. Finally, something happens to Jerry that leads the whole Parks department to do something actually nice for him. It's the craziest episode ever!

Liam: You've been slacking on the Grimm scoop lately. Please share the goods!
Your wish is our command! The NBC show will be introducing a vicious, scorpion-esque creature (called an Istsa Sitan) in the form of Cole, the leader of a lack of troublemakers. Even worse? He's got a Bonnie to his Clyde, his girlfriend Krystal, who's also an Istsa Sitan, and helps her love commit robberies. 

Christina: Any NCIS spoilers?
The show will be introducing a secret service special agent who is beautiful and tough, pretty and professional. She's an expert in currency-related crimes and viewers may just see her pop up throughout the season.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and John Boone

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