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Tonight on The X Factor, we got to see how Britney Spears managed when it came time to deliver the bad news—"I'm sorry, you're going home"—in a more up-close-and-personal setting for the first time.

And we thought we were going to see Demi Lovato do the same—and we did, but only for a little while.

What is going on, you ask? Well, a rain delay during the National League Championship Series game in St. Louis delayed the start of The X Factor on the East Coast by a good 40 minutes. About an hour later, after Britney and L.A. Reid had chosen their teams and Demi had picked two finalists, the show cut to commercial and never came back.

Now Fox has informed us that the West Coast is getting a repeat and the entire top-16 selection will air next Tuesday. But at least we've got 10 of your top 16 right here!

First to get the life-changing news was 13-year-old Diamond White, who couldn't possibly have fallen for Britney's "you also did a lot of things that weren't so good" act. 

Please, the child's a phenom. On to the live show! (To be hosted by Mario Lopez and Khloé Kardashian Odom, in case you hadn't heard.)

Joining Diamond right away in the group of teens being mentored by Britney this season are Carly Rose Sonenclar, 13, who's feelin' really good now; and Arin Ray, 17, who gets a shot at solo stardom after making the live round as part of a group last year.

But that was three yeses right off the bat, meaning Britney had yet to give her first no when 15-year-old rapper James Tanner sat down across from her. (At least the setting, a pair of wicker chairs perched on a Malibu hillside, overlooking the ocean, was really nice.)

"I don't know if you're where you're supposed to be at this point, there's a lot of technical things with your voice that need to be worked on," Britney said carefully. "So, I've made my decision...and you're going home, sweetie."

"I'm so sorry," she offered as she moved to hug the dejected James.

Reed Deming, 13, who melted Britney and Demi's hearts with his too-precious version of "Grenade" when he first auditioned, was also sent packing, meaning Beatrice Miller, 13, got the remaining spot on Brit's team.

L.A. Reid, who has apparently since come to terms to getting the over-25 singers this season (talk about getting bad news: "When I first heard I had the over-25s, I was disappointed"), also had to cut his group down to size.

He picked booming singer Jason Brock, 35; David Correy, 26, who's hoping to find his birth mother by hitting the big-time on The X Factor; country crooner Tate Stevens, 37; and heavily tattooed soul singer Vino Alan, 40.

That means the road ended for Tara Simon, who got called out by guest mentor Justin Bieber for being a little on the not-humble side and who said in her pre-cut interview, "The only thing right now that's really holding me back is L.A. Reid."

Yup, he sure is.

Meanwhile, before The Mindy Project and more baseball kicked in, Demi got to choose Jennel Garcia, 18, and Willie Jones, 17, for her 17-24 group.

See, that wasn't confusing or anything! We'll have the full scoop on the top 16 for you next Tuesday!

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