Jessica Biel


Every woman dreams about her wedding day—and then every woman panics when that dream actually becomes a reality. The venue, the flowers, the food, the guests—there is so much to plan!

While Jessica Bielis probably experiencing all the standard freak-outs that a bride-to-be goes through before her big day, there is one super common stressor that we're sure the future Mrs. Justin Timberlake definitely didn't have to think twice about: getting in tip-top shape for the wedding.

In fact, Jessica's body has always looked like the "after" version of a total body turnaround.

So, how does she keep herself looking so amazing?!

Well, it's pretty simple—she works her butt off!

First things first, her workouts are insane. The Total Recall actress mixes up her regular fitness routine with high intensity cardio, plyometrics and strength training, her trainer dished to FitSugar. Plus, she's always on the move—the toned star told Glamour that she enjoys hiking, walking her dogs and hitting the beach to play volleyball.

The second element to achieving such a rockin' bod? A healthy diet. The bride-to-be shared some of her go-to foods with InStyle saying that she eats a lot of grain protein and veggies. Biel's also a fan of fermented vegetables and probiotics, which she explained are "great for my skin and digestion."

Which brings us to the third and final part of maintaining that famous physique: Jessica's overall lifestyle is one of balance and wellness. She told Elle that in addition to eating healthy, she gets plenty of sleep, drinks lots of water and says she stays away from alcohol.

Adopting this lifestyle and sticking to it has certainly paid off for Jessica. As if having a perfect body weren't reward enough—the fab babe just so happened to catch the eye of one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors and the rest, as they say, is history!

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