Angelina Jolie

2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc./Greg Williams

We have a feeling we're going to love Angelina Jolie in Maleficent.

How could we not? After all, she's starring as the title character, aka the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty!

"She's incredible," Jolie's costar Elle Fanning told me at Elle's Women in Hollywood event. "She's so elegant. She looks just amazing as Maleficent, all her costumes and her makeup."

"She's just so nice," she continued gushing. "I found myself just staring at her."

So how scary is Jolie in the flick? "You know, it's like an elegant scary—sort of spooky," Fanning said. "But you get used to it…It's perfect."

Maleficent producer Don Hahn told us just a month ago, "She looks like the character. She's this gorgeous, beautiful woman who has a past and she's just perfect for it."

Sounds pretty perfect to us, too!

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