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Gang's all here!

Well, the Glee gang will be when the show returns after that little sport called baseball is done with their touchdowns and goals and foul shots and whatnot. Anyway, we've got scoop (and pics!) on a Glee reunion. And more American Horror Story spoilers from the episodes we've already seen (and loved). All that, plus Private Practice, 90210, Parenthood and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Jill: More American Horror Story spoilers! I am greedy.
You certainly are, but we respect your honesty. Exorcism is the name of the game in episode two, and let's just say that once the demon (if you choose to believe in that sort of thing) enters the Asylum, he (or she?) might not be in a hurry to get out. Also, someone's nasty nightly habit is in danger of being exposed, and we all know what happens when someone's privacy is threatened. No shortage of crazy on American Horror Story this season! 


Eric: Do you have any more scoop on Glee reuniting the old seniors?
You mean besides this adorable photo of everyone hanging out at Breadstix? Well, we can tell you that after you watch the episode full of returning alum, you might change your fanbase from Quinn-Rachel to Quinn-Santana. They have a lot of great scenes together that might make you change ships!

Miranda K.: Private Practice is amazing this season. Scoop me!
KaDee Strickland told us that fans should start preparing for a rollercoaster ride! "I'm certainly pregnant with triplets at the moment. And I think where that storyline is going will be something else for the audience," she tells us. "The thing I'm really pleased about this year is that they really are involving each character with their own storyline and they're doing it to the bone. So the first 13 episodes of what we have in this order are going to blow your mind."

Leah: Dying for some 90210 scoop!
Put on your helmets, people, because things are about to get crazy on the CW sudser "More juicy drama," Matt Lanter teases of what's ahead. "More crazy girls. Insurance fraud. Whatever else you can think of that would be the craziest thing you could think of is probably coming up."

Stephanie B.: Since David Schwimmer guest-starred on Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy, does that mean there's a chance he could pop up on Matthew Perry's Go On for another Friends reunion?
Funny you should ask, because that's the exact question we asked Schwimmer when we caught up with him at an event recently. "I don't have any plans to, no. I haven't been asked," he says of possibly popping up on NBC's new hit comedy. "But I think any opportunity to work with those actors would definitely be exciting." Make it happen, Perry. Make. It. Happen.

Thomas: You've been slacking on the Hawaii Five-0 scoop lately! Make it up to us?
Max is getting a love interest! Fans will meet Leilani, a bank teller, who is totally cute and playful. Less than cute and playful are the circumstances under which Max and Leilani meet: They are held up at the bank she works at moments after agreeing to go on a date!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and John Boone

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