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If there's anything we've learned from Gossip Girl in these last six seasons, it's that if someone appears to be too good to be true, that usually means they have one helluva dirty little secret.

This sentiment was proven to us once again when Serena's (Blake Lively) seemingly perfect new beau Steven's (Barry Watson) secret was revealed in tonight's outing "High Infidelity," and boy, was it a good one!

Plus, Blair (Leighton Meester) deals with the return of a former minion, and Chuck (Ed Westwick) continues to face off against his father Bart (Robert John Burke)...

The Big Reveal: Nate's (Chace Crawford) latest ladylove Sage (Sofia Black-D'Elia) is Steven's daughter! Yes, Steven is father, and yes, Sage is his 17-year-old daughter. (Relax, Nate, it's legal. Sage checked.) When Nate and Serena spy Steven and Sage together at lunch, they assume that the two are having an affair. 

Now that Serena is an adult this season, she calls Steven to see if he will tell her the truth about where he is. Of course, he lies, Still, S proves that she's grown-up and decides to host the event of the episode that night (Central Park Conservancy Gala) and deal with Steven's supposed infidelity later.

Of course, Sage sneaks into the event to speak to Nate, who tells her he doesn't want to see her anymore, and Steven spots her kissing the pretty boy of the Upper East Side...and promptly punches him in the face! By episode's end, it seems like all is well in both relationships (Sage can continue to see Nate as long as she goes to school), but Sage is dead set on destroying her father's relationship with Serena.

Nelly Yuki Returns: Guess who is the Women's Wear Daily reporter assigned to cover Blair's first collection as the head of Eleanor Waldorf Designs? Nelly freakin' Yuki (Yin Chang), her former minion and frenemy, who took her spot at Yale and suffers from night terrors because of Blair's vicious rule in high school. ("I wake up screaming 'Tights are not pants!'" A+ callback, show!)

After learning that Serena's season two BFF-turned-schemer Poppy (Tamara Feldman) is using the same fabric as her, Blair is convinced that Nelly set her up. Blair schemes to make sure Poppy's designs are never photographed. Of course, it turns out that Poppy using the same fabric as Blair was a total coincidence and our girl is inspired to start her collection over from scratch. 

Side note: Just us or did we detect Nelly harboring a major crush on Dan? "Yes, I am. And so are you," Nelly tells Dan when he says she's not a loser. "They'll never let us in. The sooner you accept it the sooner you can stop trying and stary competing...We have the truth. That's how the losers win." Go Nelly!

Blake Lively brings her and Ryan Reynolds' dogs Penny and Baxter to work

Dan and Georgina's Sitcom: How hilarious are these two together? (G staring at Dan while he sleeps = comedy gold!) Anyway, these two are having trouble getting any major publications to print any of his novel. (They want Dan to use fake names, which goes against his reveng-enda.) In the end, Dan and Nate team up to start publishing excerpts (character studies of Upper East Siders, to be exact) from the sure-to-be scandalous novel in The Spectator. A win-win situation...for now.

Chuck Continues to Fight: Chuck learns that Amira (Andrea Gabriel) accepted money from Bart to leave, as does Lily who overhears Bart threatening his one-weekend stand. Bart convinces Lily that Amira is extorting him and Lily reveals their affair to Chuck. When Chuck confronts Amira, he asks her to try and remember anything else that happened that weekend that Bart could be trying to hide. Using Chuck's affection for Blair as a distraction, Bart sends Amira away and finds all of Chuck's research on why his father faked his own death. "I wanted to believe you cared about me," Chuck says when Bart insists it was to protect him. "I'm going to find your secret and I'm going to take everything from you." Later, Amira sends a picture of a man she saw during her weekend with Bart...and the plot thickens!

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