Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Leather Fetish With Four Different Looks

Leather skirt? Check. Leather pants? Check. Crisp weather? Check. Someone is ready for autumn!

By Leslie Gornstein Oct 15, 2012 6:31 PMTags
Kim KardashianINFphoto; Manuel Munoz;; Splash

Kim Kardashian has said she wants to lose a couple of pounds. We just hope that she remembers to keep her know, assets. Especially because she's been wrapping ‘em in leather lately and it looks awesome.

Well, OK, time to, errr...back up a second. That mini you see up there? That may be faux—Kim has worn a Celine faux-leather skirt at least once this season, and this could be a reprise of that. Or it could be the real leather LnA skirt that the reality star has also been seen wearing. We can't tell from this angle. And when you have curves like Kim's, we're not sure it even matters.

Onward to the pants. Yep, jeans come in leather, too, and these are a perfect fit. (Doesn't hurt that black leather bottoms pretty much go with everything.)

We, sadly, are not living on a Kardashian budget. You probably aren't, either. So, you tell us, which piece would be your preferred must-have for fall: the leather skirt or the leather pants?