The Walking Dead


Clink! We just caught the third season premiere of The Walking Dead, and already we've seen a ton of drama inside the group's new prison home: Marital tension, hordes of zombies and exactly one lost leg.

But the tension is only going to get thicker from here on out. Here's a taste of what's coming up in the next few weeks:

They are not alone: We've already met a fresh batch of real live people holed up in the prison, but they won't be the only new warm bloods we encounter this season. Loyalists to the Walking Dead comic will likely have a strong reaction to a new character called Milton, if for no other reason than he's been created just for the series. He plays a right-hand man to the sadistic Governor, one of the most feared and reviled characters in the comic.

Girl power! The last two seasons have largely been a field day for male viewers with zombie-killin' fantasies, with the occasional butt-kicking female moment to keep things truly interesting. But in this season, that balance shifts big time, thanks to machete-wielding Michonne, and Carol, of all people, who will decide to use a zombie for a very interesting science project.

Carl grows up: You can expect some fresh tension between Rick and Lori and their son as the boy struggles to find his place in the, um, prison system, all while becoming a man, and killing undead at the same time.

Well, howdy, Merle! Remember Daryl's charming redneck brother? Well, he's back, y'all, and whenever he's in the vicinity, trouble is bound to foller. When we last saw Merle, he was being abandoned on a rooftop. We later learned that he survived, minus one hand. Let's just say he's replaced it with a very...interesting prosthetic.

So tell us! What did you think of the premiere? Will you  be spending your Sundays with a zillion zombies?

Relive the show's most shocking scenes!

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