Claire Danes, Homeland


Give the Golden Globes, Emmys and Academy Awards (just because) all to Claire Danes. Her performance in the last three minutes of this episode was beyond epic. Anyone else get emotional?

But first, let’s back up. Now that Carrie is home and not exactly welcomed back into the CIA with open arms, we find her struggling and acting very reminiscent of season one Carrie…until Saul comes knocking at her door.

Let’s discuss episode three, “State of Independence” right now:

Never Come Back to Lebanon: Who else momentarily panicked when the video tape was almost confiscated? Thank goodness Saul is always one step ahead! Told you this season was moving fast. More people are going to see Brody's confession—and soon—because it most certainly makes it back to the U.S.

A Moment of Honesty: Brody is set to give a speech for wounded Veteran's in WashingtonDC later which the Vice President is attending, and Jessica reads what he plans to say. It's so candid and refreshingly honest (for once) that sparks start to fly…on the kitchen counter. But their "alone" time is interrupted when Brody gets a phone call from Nazir's lackey. Houston, we have a problem.

Road Trip! The CIA gathered intelligence in Beirut about that Gettysburg bombmaker (the one who made Brody's vest contraption) so Brody has been instructed to go get him and move him to a nearby safe house stat. Obviously this doesn't go as planned. Mid-trip and after a flat tire, the tailor/bombmaker doesn't trust Brody and tries to make a run for it. This doesn't end well for either of them.

Déjà Vu: Carrie heads to the CIA for her debriefing post-Beirut only to find out David Estes did it without her. While he praises Carrie for her hard work, we of course get an Estes dig. "You didn't come here today expecting to get reinstated?" David asks. Um…sorta! And we did too. When that isn't the case this sends Carrie down a dark, eerily familiar path. She heads back to her old apartment and whips out pills, alcohol, and even that faux wedding ring.

Brody Kills Again: After chasing the bombmaker through the woods, Brody tackles him but the tailor accidentally lands on a rock and starts bleeding out. Interesting to note, Brody actually does try to help him…until Jessica calls. Brody—who is now covered in blood—is late for the Veteran's dinner. Obviously he can't tell Jessica what he's really doing and she hears the dying bombmaker moaning. Brody then proceeds to snap his neck. In a twisted way this seems to show his number one priority is his family, no?

You're Hiding Something: Shout out to Morena Baccarin for her performance tonight. When Brody doesn't make it to the Veteran's dinner Jessica is pissed. So, in an impromptu move she makes a speech instead about how hard it is on families when Veteran's return. It's beautiful, heartfelt and all around awesome. When Jess returns home she confronts Brody and says she knows he is hiding something. When he sticks to the "I had car trouble" excuse (which was technically truthful) she tells Brody to look for a hotel and give their marriage some serious thought.

I Have to Show You Something: When Saul gets back to the States he heads straight to Carrie's apartment from the airport (good thing she threw up all those pills). Saul plays Brody's video and gives Carrie the validation we have all been waiting for: "You were right."

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