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There were plenty of laughs and some strange bedfellows to be had—and all for a good cause.

Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, Louis C.K. Tina Fey and Seth Rogen were among the slew of celebrities turning out for Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars benefit in New York City Saturday night that was once again hosted by Jon Stewart

Here are nine of the best moments from the event, which took place at the Beacon Theater and raised sorely needed funds for a variety of autism education and family service programs across the country.

1. A Great Emcee: Stewart was instrumental in launching Night of Too Many Stars, now in its fourth year, on behalf of his good friend comedian Robert Smigel whose son was diagnosed with autism. And as you'd expect, The Daily Show funnyman kept the various acts and live auctions rolling under the night's theme: "America Comes Together for Autism Programs." With that in mind, Stewart trotted out a variety of strange pairings, starting with…

2. They're Too Sexy: Stewart invited sponsor Tommy Hilfiger on stage only for them both to be interrupted by Ben Stiller reprising his character Derek Zoolander in a hilarious bit in which the latter introduces his new "Derek Zoolander the End of Syphilisation Calendar."

3. The Great Debate: Hard to believe, but after his debate with good pal Bill O'Reilly last weekend, Stewart got the Fox News' commentator to face off in a debate with MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews on the issues of the day while both inhaled helium from balloons. Talk about blowhards!

4. Auction madness: Saturday Night Live alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reunited onstage and auctioned themselves off to the highest bidder. Two women ended up paying $36,000 each for the privilege of being the duo's best friends for the night. But that wasn't the only cool charitable prize. Organizers also auctioned off a two-day visit to the Breaking Bad set for $22,000, a Simpsons reading with the cast for $13,000, and a holiday card taken with Al Pacino for $25,000 (which Louis C.K. couldn't resist ponying up for as well).

5. Beware of Bear! Stewart's pal, Stephen Colbert, sang a Stephen Sondheim medley with his old nemesis—a (very liberal) bear—really a man dressed up as a bear, natch. The skit ended with the bear tearing off the fake newsman's (fake) arm.

6. Call Me Harvey: Carly Rae Jepsen sang a funny duet of her summer anthem "Call Me Maybe" with actor Harvey Keitel of all people doing his best William Shatner impression.

7. Hold the Butter: Celebrity chef Paula Deen—newly slimmed down and looking fabulous after going public earlier this year with her diabetes diagnosis—performed a skit where a guy dressed up as a stick of butter ends up duking it out with a guy in a broccoli outfit for her love. (Spoiler alert!) Only at the end did we learn the dude playing her butter lover was Kevin Bacon and Mr. Broccoli was Liev Schreiber.

8. Pee With The Green Hornet: In the most unusual auction of the night, two lucky audience members paid $18,000 apiece for the privilege of hitting the urinals of the Beacon with Seth Rogen (where they humorously discovered Keitel and Deen apparently getting it on in a stall). "This truly is a golden shower," quipped Stewart.

9. Fireworks: In the night's most touching moment, a young autistic girl who played piano teamed up with Perry for a low-key rendition of the popster's hit, "Firework." There was not a dry eye in the house.

Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars benefit premieres on the cable channel Oct. 21 at 8 p.m. ET. 

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