Married to Jonas

Let's all go on vacay with Kevin Jonas, shall we?

Oh, wait, we can't—because his Florence, Italy hotel is already filled up with the Deleasa family! No bother, we'll just watch from the comfort of our couch and eat ice cream out of a gallon tub and pretend it's gelato. Sigh.

If you watched last week's episode of Married to Jonas then you'll remember that Kevin decided to whisk away his wifey, Danielle Jonas, and her family, to Italy as part of his Baby Bucket List. And, while it wasn't clear if Angela Deleasa would even board the plane due to her crippling fear of flying, everyone made it to the land of pasta and Michelangelo.

Though, the family trip turned south when Dani started to experience severe anxiety and Kevin got an unexpected offer. Let's see how it all shook out.


Gelato Trumps Architecture: At least, that's how Bucky Deleasa feels! While admiring historic landmarks like the Trevi Fountain and Duomo, the patriarch manages to snag six cones of the stuff before his family catches on. All we can say is, Bucky, we like your style.

Less Is More: The Deleasas can't help but notice that something seems a little off with their girl Dani. Turns out, they're right, because Dani's panic attacks started coming back after her car accident, and she hasn't been herself since. She opens up to her hubby, and the couple makes the emotional decision to put Dani's health ahead of any plans to have children. So, in order to do that, Dani realizes that instead of focusing on what lies ahead, she needs to give herself a break and stay in the present.

To Be Continued: When Kevin receives a phone call about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be considered for a major music show, he might be forced to leave Italy and head back to Los Angeles. But will the Jonas Brothers star leave the family right in the middle of their big trip? We won't find out until next week!


"Growing up, my mom had fears and anxieties and we all knew that, and I understand because I get nervous and anxious too."—Dani

"Let's get Vespa's this week and form a Vespa gang."—Mikey Deleasa

"I feel like I failed myself. I feel like I failed him [Kevin]. I'm definitely sad, because it's real and it's really what people deal with—it's not that you're crazy."—Dani

"Florence is absolutely beautiful, I wanted to hug all the buildings."—Dina

"I can see the architecture and everything in a book, but I ain't gonna taste no gelato in no book."—Bucky

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