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Did Justin Bieber really punk us all, or was the pop star legitimately victimized?

Earlier today, the Biebs seemed to admit that the laptop and camera he claimed were stolen during a Tacoma, Wash., show were really a part of a clever P.R. stunt. When his "personal" footage was "leaked" online, it was actually the well-promoted premiere of J.B.'s "Beauty and a Beat" music video featuring Nicki Minaj.

But Justin's rep is insisting the laptop was actually stolen during Tuesday night's show. 

Police told E! News on Wednesday, after Bieber had lectured the twitterverse about respecting other people's property, that they had no record of any report.

A source has since confirmed to E! News, however, that the singer's tour manager, Josh Williams, filed a report with the Tacoma Police Department just yesterday, saying he looked around for his computer after the concert but could not find it.

Of course, whatever the fate of the laptop, Justin's camp did manage to use it to hype the premiere of his video.

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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