Nadya Suleman Octomom

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Octomom Nadya Suleman is speaking out against some very serious allegations.

Two nannies who previously worked for the single mother of 14 claimed to CBS2 in L.A. that they witnessed child neglect and sexual abuse (by one of the kids against another) in Suleman's La Habra, Calif., home. A rep for Suleman tells E! News, however, that none of these allegations are true.

"This is a woman who became obsessed with the children and contacted [Suleman's representatives] to help her write a book," a rep for Octomom says. "Her and the other woman claiming to be a nanny are also good friends with each other and are trying to make money. This is why Nadya chose to move far away."

Per Suleman's rep, Suleman's accuser "became enraged when Nadya moved to Palmdale and would not allow her to watch the children because she was trying to force Nadya to give her the children."

The former caregivers allege that Suleman tied her newborns to their beds, blocked the children inside a room so they wouldn't bother her while she napped, and allowed her older children to physically abuse their young siblings.

According to Suleman's rep, one of the women making these claims "has been stalking Nadya, calling the kids and texting Nadya threatening text messages that she would go to police unless Nadya brought her the children. This has been going on since summer."

Now, Suleman's rep says, she's "going after [her accusers] for slander."

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