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Did you know that Oprah Winfrey hopes you go Nowhere, Hangover 3 has found its "bad guy" and Taken 2 is probably the last time Liam Neeson will play former CIA operative Bryan Mills? Yup, it's time for this week's installment of Big-Screen Spoilers. Read on for all the scoop.

Oprah Winfrey: Movie Critic

Barack Obama isn't the only one getting support from Oprah Winfrey these days. So is Ava DuVernay.

Who's that? She's the director of Middle of Nowhere, a $200,000, drama about a young woman who drops out of med school when her husband is sentenced to eight years in prison.

Winfrey tweeted DuVernay earlier this week, "saw your movie @MiddleNowhere. Excellent job especially with no money. Bravo to you my sistah."

DuVernay made history when she became the first black woman to win Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival for her work on the film.

And Winfrey didn't leave it at one tweet. A few hours later, she posted that she thought the film was "Powerful and Poetic" and let her 14 million followers know that it opens this weekend in limited release.

Hangover 3 "Bad Guy" Confirmed!

It's official! While reports have been swirling that John Goodman is playing a villain in The Hangover 3, he's finally confirmed the rumors. "I'm playing a bad guy," Goodman exclusively told me at the Argo premiere in L.A.

How bad? "Pretty damn bad," he said with a smile, before quickly adding, "I don't know if I'm supposed to talk about it at all. So let's just say I'm playing a bad guy."

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Helen Hunt's Naked Sessions

Get ready to see Helen Hunt like you've never seen her before. As you may have heard, the Oscar winner goes full frontal in The Sessions for her role as a sex surrogate.

The drama centers on the real-life story of the late Mark O'Brien, a poet paralyzed from polio who hired a sex surrogate to lose his virginity.

While shooting the film, Hunt did her best to forget just how nude she really was. "You obsess on your acting so you don't think about your backside or your, well, front side," she said at the L.A. premiere of the film at LACMA. (FYI: At 49 years old, Hunt is looking darn good with or without her clothes on)

John Hawkes, who plays O'Brien, said of their very intimate scenes, "It's funny and human and beautiful and sexy yet it's not exploitative or dirty."

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Joel Kinnaman, RoboCop


Joel Kinnaman's RoboButt

If for some reason you were wondering what the rebooted RoboCop's butt looks like, you're in luck. A new batch of pics from the Toronto set show the sci-fi remake's star, The Killing's Joel Kinnaman, in the rebooted RoboCop's new black suit.

While photos of Kinnaman in the suit first leaked about a month ago, the latest selection includes a shot from behind with a clear view of the RoboCop suit's very, um, muscular buttocks. Yes, muscular! RoboSquats, anyone?

Costar Abbie Cornish is posting pics of her own—but instead of suit shots, she prefers tweeting photos of her adorable kitten. Awww.

Taken 3? Not So Fast

With the second Taken flick doing gangbusters at the box office, there's already talk of a third movie.

But Famke Janssen, who play's Liam Neeson's kidnapped ex-wife in the latest, confirms Mr. Neeson isn't interested in playing former CIA tough guy Bryan Mills again. "I'm not sure that Liam is going to sign up for that one," she says. "It's been a fun ride, but I don't think so."

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