Miley Cyrus

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for City of Hope

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When we first saw this photo, we were all, "Whoa! Cathy Rigby's looking good, y'all! Maybe she's in town to do Peter Pan for the 8,086th time! We should totally get tickets to that!"

Then we looked closer and realized that, wait a minute, somehow the person in this photo is Miley Cyrus. And you'd best believe our dreams were instantly crushed like Tinkerbell's wings in a mudslide.

You can't blame us for being confused, though. Cyrus doesn't usually wear clothes, at least not clothes with both tops and bottoms. But in top-to-toe Temperley London she was in a get-up that included a—no kidding—floor-length skirt.

What do you make of her disguise, you know, as a person who wears clothes? Gotta have it or make it stop?

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