Paul Ryan Flexes for Time Magazine—Are These the Biceps of Your Next Vice President?

Mitt Romney's running mate shows off workout photos...and we love them

By John Boone Oct 11, 2012 7:10 PMTags
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Forget budget cuts—let's talk about these cut-up biceps for a second.

Paul Ryan, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's running mate and the hottest White House hopeful since Sarah Palin, flexed for Time magazine last December while working up a sweat in Wisconsin. And today the spread debuted in all its glory.

Ryan rocks a backwards baseball cap (naturally), a tight tee (too bad he can't wear a tank top in the Situation Room, huh) and a grin that would make any senator swoon. Meanwhile, the magazine attempts to detail his stance on Medicare.

But back to those triceps! Which, when blasted, are sure to lock in the frat vote. So grab a Nattie Ice and slam it, 'cause we're pretty sure frat boys all across America are ready to get aboard with the Grand Old Party. (It's gonna be a kegger, right?)

Time salutes Ryan's "youth and spirit" and credits him for "firing up a sometimes lackluster Romney," but we're pretty sure that's not the only thing that will erupt in flames of passion after the ladies of the GOP—and the Log Cabin Republicans—get their tickets to the gun show.

So how about we scrap that whole vice-presidential debate tonight and just make it a push-up contest. The White House has a weight room, right?